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"There are two kinds of people in the world, those who can play a musical instrument and those who can only dream of it"

Our vision is to democratise musical learning and enable millions of people, all over the world to realise their dreams of playing musical Instruments. 85% of the population wish they could play a musical instrument. Despite these dreams, most do not realise them or give up after a few short tries. Many audiences are excluded from the world of music-playing to begin with due to lack of financial resources, time or learning difficulties. Muzy has developed a groundbreaking professional musical language that is visually intuitive and exceedingly easy to learn. The language allows playing any song on any musical instrument.

Fast Results

The entire Muzy language can be learned within 10 minutes!

Anyone can Play

Whether you're 5 or 105, Muzy is for you!

Play any Song

Just search your favorite song and play now!

Our Amazing Team

Musicians, Engineers, Educators

Rafi Sorotzkin - Founder, CEO

A music teacher, educator and instructor for music teachers with experience in managing a graphic design school

Ido Darnell - Co-Founder, COO

Musician, Engineer, Educator. Experienced Big Data BI developer and manager. Multi disciplined musician, content writing and community management

David Papirov - CTO

Previous Dir. of technology, mobile TL, senior developer of 17 years specializing in mobile and Acoustic DSP on real-time solutions

Our team consists of musicians, developers and educators. Our advisory board includes representatives from leading music institutions, as well as Professor Michael Meltzer, former VP of the Jerusalem Academy of music.

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